Q: What is the purpose of Cabot Mentoring?
A:  The Cabot Mentoring program is committed to providing a caring mentor to any child in the Cabot area who would like to have one. By creating and supporting mentor pairs based on similar interests, Cabot Mentoring provides an opportunity for adults and youth to form friendships, learn together, and connect more deeply with their community.

Q:  What does mentoring look like?
A:  Mentoring pairs commit to spending at least four hours/month together. Cabot Mentoring offers mentor pairs several options for spending time together: 

  • At school during the school day on the school grounds
  • After school as part of the after school club program
  • In the community, including at the mentor’s home
  • A hybrid model starting at school and moving out into the community as the pair is comfortable

Q:  What are the benefits of mentoring? 
A:  Mentor pairs gain friendship, have fun, learn together and experience new things. Studies show that youth who have a mentor:

  • Increase their self-confidence and self-awareness 
  • Develop strong communication skills 
  • Understand new and different perspectives and 
  • Learn from others’ experiences.  

Q:  Who can participate?
A:  All Cabot youth, wherever they are schooled, ages 7-17, are eligible to apply for a mentor.  All adults over the age of 18, who have no criminal record, may apply to be a mentor.

Q:  How do I know if mentoring will be good for my child
A:  If you believe your child could benefit from having another caring and attentive adult in their lives, mentoring can provide just that. Cabot Mentoring’s program is designed for ALL children, not just those we may think of as “high risk”. 

Q:  What is the training and background check process for mentors?
A:  All mentor applicants must pass a fingerprint, DMV and criminal background check. Once this has been done, three references are called and interviewed. All prospective mentors then attend a two-hour orientation before being matched. Once matched, the program coordinator has regular contact with mentors to ensure things are going well and to troubleshoot any challenges.

Q:  How are mentor pairs matched?
A:  Using the mentor application, interview notes and reference interviews, the program coordinator creates a mentor profile that is used for matching. Parents and prospective mentees also complete an application and interview process so that the program coordinator has a good idea of the youth’s interests and personality. Teachers and school staff who know the child may also be consulted.

Q:  Can parents meet the mentor ahead of time?
A:  The program coordinator will discuss the details of a prospective mentor match with parents and the student for in school matches, however once it has been determined that the pair will be meeting outside of school, a meeting of the mentor pair, parents and coordinator will take place at the mentor’s home.

Q:  What is the mentorship commitment?
A:  Mentors and mentees commit to meeting for a period of one year. At the end of that period they can agree to continue or to suspend further meetings. Many successful mentor pairs continue for years. In the event they decide not to continue, the program coordinator will schedule a closure meeting to enable the pair to complete formally. 

Q:  How do I apply to become a mentor?
A:  To apply to become a mentor, complete the MENTOR APPLICATION FORM.

Q:  How do I apply to get a mentor for my child?
​A:  To apply for a mentor, complete the ONLINE APPLICATION FORM.