MENTOR Vermont supports Cabot Mentoring with a yearly grant and technical support...Thank you MENTORVermont! 

Victoria Palmer and Jon Vara
Roland Payne
Paul Plotz
John Plotz and Lisa Soltani
Martha Rockwell
Seth Rockwell
William and Diane Rossi
Erin Ruddell and Brad Woelfle
Kim and Ray Small
Michael and Susan Socks

Chris and Mary Ann Tormey
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Alison Bergman

Jen Boucher

Greg Burtt

Ellen Cairns

Mark Christensen          Gabby Colletti

Wayne Fisher

Gwendolyn Hallsmith

John Hammer

Monica Morrissey

Lynn Rockwell

Kris Schmitt

Susan Socks

Lynn Talamini

Chris Tormey

Mary Ann Tormey

Mark Tucker

Joanne Vecchiola

                      Mentors are amazing!
  These community members served as mentors in 2018-20:

                 Thank you to all our community-minded corporate sponsors!

       The Cabot Mentoring logo was designed by Audrey Gesiakowski. Many thanks to Audrey for her gift!

Mark Christensen

Charles O'Conner

Angela Ogle

Mary Ann Tormey

Our Advisory Board supports and guides the program:

Dawn Andrews

Daria Babbitt

Walter Bothfeld

Judy Boucher

Mark and Jacie Bromley

Jim and Susan Dineen
Andy and Andrea Gilbert

Dana Glazier
Gary and Cecelia Gulka
Cathie Harnack and Israel Helfand
Andrew Izsak

And finally, thank you to all the past mentors, volunteers, and donors

who contributed to Cabot Mentoring over the years!

The following individuals are 2019-2020 Cabot Mentoring supporters!

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​The Ride The Ridges Committee
administers our biggest fundraiser (and one of the best VT rides!) of the year:

Cabot Mentoring relies on many volunteers and donors.

THANK YOU to everyone who contributes to the success of our program.

Jen Boucher

Mark Bromley

Mark Christensen

Andy Gilbert

Ry Hoffman

Beth Hoffman

Kathleeen Hoyne
Angela Ogle

Taeryn Robbins

Paul Wade