Sweet and sensitive 2nd grader, looking for a mentor to do all kinds of art and creative work. Also likes music, singing, and going for walks. Quiet but very curious. Seeking a kind and empathic person to share all kinds of new, fun experiences.

Very bubbly and social 4th grader, seeking someone outgoing.  Favorite class is PE, likes to be active and try new sports. Also interested in math, and games that require counting, logic, and strategy. Special interest in horseback riding. Would love to have a mentor with horses who can teach safe riding, or a mentor who wants to share the experience of taking lessons. Family will cover riding fees for youth.

Energetic 5th grader, loves animals, looking for someone with a farm and horses. Also wants someone to go fishing with. Asks lots of questions, and has a lot of enthusiasm. Wants a mentor with plenty of energy to run and play.

Quiet, well spoken 3rd grader looking for a biking and hiking friend. Would love to spend some days at Kingdom Trails. Good conversationalist, good listener, and prefers "the real world" to video gaming and online activities.

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Bubbly and outgoing 4th grader loves people in general, and has a lot of energy. Would like to bake, do crafts, make and play with slime, hike, play sports, and have all kinds of new adventures. You name it, this one will try it.

Shy 4th grader needs someone kind, patient, and willing to take the lead in developing a relationship. Interested in baking, crafts, and other low-key activities. Not a sports fan, and not currently into athletic pursuits. May be open to other activities as time goes on, but for a while will just want someone to be present with.

Youth seeking mentors!

5th grader looking for a fishing buddy. Likes being outdoors in all seasons, even riding a modified bike in the snow. While outdoors is the favorite place, drawing and writing are also fun. This youth enjoys project-based learning, because it ties together different areas such as reading, writing, and art, and has real-world applications. Outgoing, ready for adventures, and ready for fishing!