Due to COVID-19, we are not currently making new matches...it's hard to build a brand-new friendship over a Zoom meeting. Once mentors and youth can safely meet in person, we will start making matches again.

Youth seeking mentors!

9th grader with a deep love of literature seeks a bibliophile. I never see this one without a stack of books! They have some communication challenges, but are very motivated to practice their skills. The ideal mentor will be patient, reliable, and love discussing novels.

Quiet, well spoken 3rd grader looking for a biking and hiking friend. Would love to spend some days at Kingdom Trails. Good conversationalist, good listener, and prefers "the real world" to video gaming and online activities.

We add new inquiries as they come in...please check back!

Athletic 4th grader seeking someone who loves being active: hiking, biking, soccer, and more. They are on the quiet side initially, but it won't take long for them to open up.

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