3rd grader with imagination on overdrive; this youth loves to imagine being a racer, a soldier, a mighty hunter, a ninja. Very deep interest in things with wheels and motors; enjoys hands-on repair and maintenance, racing, and talking about bikes, motorcycles, and cars. Also likes baseball: collecting cards, watching, and playing. Active and talkative, and very enthusiastic about finding a mentor who shares his interests (i.e. talk for hours about cars, then have an epic battle in the woods).

Very bubbly and social 4th grader, seeking someone outgoing.  Favorite class is PE, likes to be active and try new sports. Also interested in math, and games that require counting, logic, and strategy. Special interest in horseback riding. Would love to have a mentor with horses who can teach safe riding, or a mentor who wants to share the experience of taking lessons. Family will cover riding fees for youth.

Energetic 4th grader, loves animals, looking for someone with a farm and horses. Also wants someone to go fishing with. Asks lots of questions, and has a lot of enthusiasm. Wants a mentor with plenty of energy to run and play.

We add new inquiries as they come in...please check back!

Very active and sporty 2nd grader wants someone who likes pool swimming, and occasional bowling outing. All other sports are fun as well: basketball, soccer, biking, Nerf battles...this child is happiest in motion. While not one to sit for reading or long board games, Pokemon trading cards and battling are fun...because there's (imaginary) action. Always on the go, and ready to share life with an energetic friend!

Youth seeking mentors!

4th grader looking for a fishing buddy. Likes being outdoors in all seasons, even riding a modified bike in the snow. While outdoors is the favorite place, drawing and writing are also fun. This youth enjoys project-based learning, because it ties together different areas such as reading, writing, and art, and has real-world applications. Outgoing, ready for adventures, and ready for fishing!

Second grader, who loves drawing, and wants an "art buddy" to share in the fun and creativity. Would love to go snowboarding; has own equipment & has taken lessons, and family will cover child's costs. Also likes hiking, and talking. Has siblings, and would really like some "just for us" time with a new friend!