"My mentor gives me someone to talk to when when I need to talk to someone, or I need advice on something.  My mentor is someone to hang out with and have fun with, and now I have a real friend."

- 15 year old mentee

HOW it works

Becoming a Mentee

Mentees may request a mentor, or be referred by their parent/guardian, teacher, or guidance counselor. Public, private, and home schoolers all welcome, and encouraged to apply! To get a mentee application, click here: 

Mentee application 12.2017.docx​​


The Program Coordinator maintains regular contact with mentor pairs.  Mentors receive new-mentor training, opportunities to attend ongoing education trainings throughout the year, and regular monthly check-ins. Mentees are able to check in with the Coordinator at the school and at group activities. Monthly newsletters are sent out to Mentors and Mentee families with suggestions for activities and information to help support the mentoring relationship. The Program Coordinator is available to mentors, mentees, and families anytime, for support and assistance.

​Cabot Mentoring creates and supports successful mentoring relationships for the youth of the community.  Our vision is that every child in Cabot who would like a mentor has one.  

Our Program


Mentor pairs commit to meet 2-3 times per month for a year, for fun, free/low cost activities. Activities might include anything from hiking or biking to playing games, sharing books, working on homework or art projects. There are group activities throughout the year which provide an opportunity to get together with other Cabot Mentoring pairs.

Becoming a Mentor

Potential mentors submit an application, including consent to extensive background checks. They are interviewed to gauge interests and personality. Once the interview and background checks are completed, applicants attend new-mentor training. New mentors are matched with a child based on similar interests, and personalities. To get a mentor application, click here: Mentor application 12.2017.docx

Cabot Mentoring